Pascal Michon (FMHS Research Coordinator)


Associate Professor and FMHS Research Coordinator
Post Graduate & Research Center
Pascal Michon(PhD)
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Tel: (+675) 422 2937
EXT: 806
Tel: (direct) (+675) 422 2937



• Master of Science in Parasitology: Ecology and Pathology (1987) University of Montpellier France
• PhD in Molecular Parasitology (2001), University of Notre Dame, USA

In general:

  • • Biological Sciences
  • • Parasitology, Infectious Diseases
  • • Research



  • • HE126 Principles of Medical Biochemistry
  • • HE324 Health Research Project
  • • RM606 Ethics in Research (Master of Research Methodology)
  • • HE321 Epidemiology of common diseases in PNG (malaria, as guest lecturer)
  • • HE215 Infestious Diseases & Lifestyle Diseases (malaria, as guest lecturer)
  • • PY110 Basic Medical Sciences (Microbiology)


• Teaching Assistant in General Biology, Cellular Biology and Parasitology, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, USA (1995- 2000)
• Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research / Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK (2001-2004)
• Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Molecular Parasitology Section, PNG Institute of Medical Research, Madang, Papua New Guinea (2004- 2010)
• Dean of Health Science, Divine Word University, Madang, Papua New Guinea (2010- 2014)
• Research Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences [FMHS] (2015 - present)


• The American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (1995-2001 & 2006)
• The British Society of Parasitology (2001-2004)
• The Medical Society of Papua New Guinea (2004-present)


Infectious Diseases / Molecular Parasitology / Genetics & Molecular Epidemiology of malaria / Nutrition / Lifestyle and non-communicable diseases





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* Joint First Authorship