Port Moresby Campus

Port Moresby campus is currently located at the corner of Croton Street and Waigani Drive. The Education programs offered there are the Master of Education (Leadership), Master of Education (Curriculum), Bachelor of Education, Teacher Qualification Upgrade Program (TQUP) Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Diploma in Teaching.

The first intake of Bachelor of Education students for Port Moresby Campus was in 2006. Classes were conducted at Don Bosco Technological Institute while the office was located at Port Moresby Grammar School. The office then moved to the present site at the start of 2008. There were twenty-one (21) students, thirteen (13) females and eight (8) males who enrolled in this program at that time. Since then we have had enrollments of up to thirty students every year.

In the same year of 2006, the first intake of students for the Teacher Upgrading Program (TQUP) took effect. There were twenty-nine (29) students, three (3) females and twenty-six (26) males who enrolled in the program. Since then we have had continuous enrollments each year but the student numbers have not increased significantly.

The first Master of Educational Leadership/Curriculum students enrolled in 2008. There were fifteen (15) students, nine (9) females and six (6) males who enrolled in this program. Out of the fifteen only six have continued on and the first two, one female and one male from this batch will graduate in March 2012. In 2009, ten students, four females and six males enrolled. Out of these number only six have continued. In 2010, ten students, six females and four males enrolled. In 2011, eight students, four females and four males enrolled.

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Don Bosco Technological Institute


Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI), a "Catholic Technical Tertiary Institution" offers two basic programs: a bachelor of Education - Technical Degree (B.ED-Tech) and Diploma in Technology (Dip.Tech). DBTI is operated under the Salesian Education Agency at Boroko in Port Moresby. DBTI was affiliated with Divine Word University in August 2003.



For more information,

contact the Principal at
Don Bosco Technial Institute,
PO Box 7579
Boroko NCD 111
Tel 323 1253     Fax 311 2831

Holy Trinity Teachers College

Holy Trinity Teachers' College (HTTC) is in Mt Hagen, Western Highland Province. The college was established by the Divine Word Missionaries in 1957. The college developed from an institution situated at Fatima near Banz and registered as Fatima Teachers' College. Due to the expansion of the primary and secondary schools, the decision was made to move the college to Mt Hagen, to its current location. HTTC provides primary teacher education programs. The College accepts students from all over the country. It is operated by the Catholic Education Agency of the Archdiocese of Mt Hagen. In 2011, HTTC underwent an audit by DWU and is now an affiliated institution of DWU.



For more information, contact:
The Principal
Holy Trinity Teachers College,
PO Box 274,
Mt Hagen
WHP 281
Tel: (675) 542 1411    
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Professional Studies

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