Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

 Sr. MiriamDear students, colleagues and stakeholders,

I would like to extend a hearty welcome to new staff and students of our Faculty and welcome back all continuing staff and students to the academic year 2018. Hopefully, you had a good break and you returned with new energies after your holidays.

With the theme for 2018 Transformative learning with core values for the digital age DWU starts the second year of the Third Decade Strategic Master Plan (2016-2018) that represents several significant elements regarding its existence in the higher education sector. First of all, it implies that we are moving towards the goal of achieving international standards. Secondly, we adopt changes on a fast pace to achieve that goal. The theme of the current academic year reflects our commitment to bring transformation into the students’ life and through them into as many people as possible to the world of academic knowledge. Transformative learning applies also to the academic and administrative staff not only to the students. With the newly created Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at DWU the staff will benefit from the short training sessions and courses to be professionally prepared and effective in the digital age. The theme invites us to keep in mind the DWU core values which shape our attitudes, strengthen our commitment and evoke meaningful contribution towards reaching our common vision and mission of the University.

Looking back, we can see a number of milestones we have already crossed, and it would not have been possible without our stakeholders, partners, sponsors and benefactors. Our collaboration with them and their support to us have substantially contributed to the development of DWU and our faculty. Along with them, our staff and students of the past have worked hard in making this institution in its present form.

Having said the above, once more I wish to welcome all staff and students of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) to this new year 2018. In a special way, I welcome the new staff, Fr. Dr Geovanne Bustos SVD, the new HoD of SRS, Fr Artur, Sebastian Stawarz SVD (SRS). Thus, Ms Betty Isikiel (SRS) and Mr Gordian Kuias (PGIR) I sincerely welcome back into our team.

Since we have a new HoD for SRS, I would like to express a word of thanks to Ms Monica Sikas for her contribution as the A/HoD and a lecturer at DWU.

On behalf of the faculty, I would like to express my gratitude to the outgoing FASS Research Coordinator - A/Prof Iwona Kolodziejczyk for her great contributions towards creating the research culture in our faculty and in DWU as a whole. We wish her God’s blessings in her new professional career as she starts the CLT at DWU. The new FASS Research Coordinator is Ms Leonie Baptiste – we welcome her cordially to this new function and God’s blessings on the new beginnings.

I extend a warm welcome to the year one students, and all other year students, who are the most important members of our community.

We are rightfully proud of our faculty for the achievements we made in the recent past. Among those achievements, it should be highlighted that a total of 142 students graduate this year. Out of these 142 graduates, one receives an award as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and 31 students graduate with a Master’s degree. Another achievement is that besides three Master’s programs and six undergraduate programs including the English language program, the faculty has currently three accredited external academic programs, namely, Diploma in Customs Studies (DCS), Diploma in Justice Administration (DJA), and Diploma in Pastoral Ministry.    

The faculty’s Operational Plan for 2018 based on the university’s third decade strategic master plan is centered on the DWU Core Values which provide the philosophical, intellectual and ethical foundations of WHY and HOW we do things at DWU, and at the faculty and department levels. Based on the Operational plan, we are planning to develop and offer short courses on various topics this year and revive a Pidgin online course.

The faculty looks forward to exploring opportunities for national and international productive partnerships. Under this initiative, in view of developing a partnership with the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of PNG, department of Social and Religious Studies is working currently to develop a Diploma program in Social Work. Apart from this, the faculty is in touch with the Catholic University of Lublin with a view to establishing stronger partnership with them. We hope to achieve considerable progress in partnership programs in the current year.

Before I conclude, I would like to share the following thought with you: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but it is low and we reach it” (Michael Angelo). Let us aim high while transforming our students and staff to become agents of change for Papua New Guinea moving this beautiful country towards the goal of achieving international standards and responding to the challenges of the digital age.

May God bless us and all our endeavors,

A/Prof Dr. Miriam Dlugosz, SSpS

A/ Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences