Faculty of Business and Informatics

02Message from the Dean

In this time of uncertainties when nations of the world seem to be drifting away from each other, when technological revolution has invaded even the remotest part of the world and the unborn, when the  Facebook  has  become the daily bread of almost every one and peace has become  elusive, the Divine Word University of Papua New Guinea has embarked on another pathway  that  will lead us to transform a society  whose individuals are more compassionate, caring and are far more willing to collaborate and cooperate to achieve  the common goal of success. This pathway is embedded in this school year’s theme, “Innovating DWU through collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge - creation in the global network for higher learning “.

The 21st century in which we live is characterized by a lot of changes…. changing lifestyle, changing technology, changing access to information, changing job market and changing perspective. Even our natural environment is undergoing an uncontrollable climate change. All these have created an impact in the way we think, learn and more so in our ability to contribute to the world. The classroom cannot escape from these changes. We have to connect our learners to the changing world.

The question is, “How do we do this?”  This is not an easy task. It is a task that cannot be done in isolation. Collaboration is the driving force that will propel us to prepare our learners for the future. But to prepare our learners for the future we must know what the future is. We should know who are our learners and we should know how our learners learn best.

Collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge creation offer a diversity of opportunities for our learners to be responsive to the challenges brought by the 21st century changes. Critical thinking needed to solve problems, communication needed to understand and be understood by others, collaboration or working with others needed to make us stronger and creativity needed to produce quality work form the foundation of a meaningful and relevant teaching - learning endeavor. 

Let us open the door to collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge-creation and as we enter that door, let us take along with us our learners that we may all experience the beauty, excitement and empowerment that await all of us at the farthest end of that door. For after all, what is good for our learners is even better for us teachers and the success of one is the success of all.  

Associate Professor Romulo M. Lindio
Dean, Faculty of Business and Informatics