Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Business and Informatics is committed to the pursuit of quality in all its administrative and academic responsibilities in the fields of business, tourism, information systems, and mathematics and computing science. It brings together the professional fields of accountancy, management, tourism management, mathematics and computing science, and information systems.

The Faculty's vision is to be a well established and respected faculty open to all suitably qualified applicants, serving society through teaching, research and community engagement in a Christian environment.

Mission Statement
The Faculty of Business and Informatics aims to achieve its mission through the following objectives: 

• Offer quality education in the fields of business, accountancy, management, public administration, tourism, information systems, mathematics and computing science, with a special emphasis on encouraging moral and ethical behavior.

• Provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs in all the academic areas in which the Faculty is involved, that meet international academic standards, and are responsive   to local, national and international development needs.

• Produce programs which are responsive to the priorities of national development.

• Develop a responsive and innovative research agenda.

• Develop systems and procedures for the efficient and effective delivery of educational services.

• Advance the goals and objectives of DWU and that of the FBI by discovering success models as well as some of the best practices in the field of business, information systems,  mathematics and computing science and tourism education.

• Develop sustainable and strategic partnership with other universities overseas and within the country and to promote internationalization.