Core Values


Divine Word University’s Core Values, as articulated in the University Charter and also expressed  in  its  Vision  and  Mission  statements,  are  at  the  heart  of  Divine  Word University’s academic and  non-academic programs and its philosophy. These values provide  a  framework  for  the  University’s  development  and  enliven  the  University's identity, the University’s heritage and its commitment to knowledge for holistic, personal development and social progress.

  1. Integrity- offers to the University the ability to realize the Christian values  and maintain  the   highest  academic  standards  by  upholding  academic  policies.  It promotes the University strategic objectives and its Vision by emphasizing holistic education at the University and encouraging a consistency of actions and values.

  2. Academic Excellence – DWU is committed to quality of research, learning and teaching  for  every  individual  learner.  DWU’s  diverse  academic  faculties  with  a qualified    academic    staff,    in    collaboration    with    international    academics    and universities,  promotes critical thinking for staff and students who are engaged in learning, research, and  creativity. Thus, DWU stimulates academic and personal leadership  for  staff  and  students  with  a  spirit  of  ethical  values  and  personal discipline.

  3. Community Engagement/Service – commits the DWU Community to follow the example of the Divine Word  to utilize our gifts, talents and abilities to advance the genuine well-being of  the people we encounter in our community and the nation.

  4. Respect– the DWU Community respects every person’s dignity, background and potential, and  appreciates and respects the right to express diverse ideas with a freedom of academic enquires.

  5. Diversity –  the  University’s  Founders  were  from  a  different  cultural  and  social background.  Diversity  nurtures  an  international  academic  community  within  the university that fosters a  culture that is open and welcoming to people of diverse backgrounds, and promotes ideas and perspectives that engages the faculty, staff and    students    in    academic    and    non-academic    activities    in    an    educational environment, and prepares the students to live and work in an international society within a global economy.

  6. Hospitality-    at DWU we attend to our daily duties with a spirit of openness and kindness that welcomes new ideas and people with a diversity of  backgrounds and beliefs. We receive and value our visitors with divergent ideas and  new insights and challenges.

  7. Learning  for  Life  –  DWU  is  committed  to  providing  opportunities  to  staff  and students for  personal growth in an environment that supports the development of discipline, ethical decision- making, and personal responsibility.

  8. Social Responsibility - DWU is committed to equity, social justice, and diversity, and maintains  the highest standards of integrity in our relationships with others.DWU is an institution that serves as a resource for and stimulus to social, economic, educational,  cultural, environmental, and community development in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.