Welcome to the Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology is an association of affiliated institutions, generally seminaries, offering formal programs of studies in religious studies and theology.

In recent years, Divine Word University has signed affiliation agreements with a number of higher education institutions, including seminaries offering formal programs in higher education. The signing of an affiliation agreement develops an academic relationship between the institution and the university and the institutions work together in strengthening the academic programs offered. For the seminaries involved in these agreement the Faculty of Theology encompasses the programs offered by the seminaries and do not involve our existing university programs offered at the DWU campus. This gives identity and academic strength to the seminary programs and also enable academic accreditation to the programs offered.

Programs currently offered within the Faculty of Theology include:

Good Shepherd College Banz Catholic Institute for Religious Studies

  • Diploma in Religious Studies
  • Advanced Diploma in Religious Studies

The program offered at this institution and others are offered by the institutions and not by DWU.