DWU Rabaul Campus


Vision of the Rabaul Campus

DWU Rabaul Campus espouses the University vision that is open to all, serving society through its teaching, research and community engagement in a Catholic Christian environment.

Mission of the Rabaul Campus

The Rabaul Campus mission is to:

  • Grow its life and work on the model of Christ
  • Strive to develop its institutions into a first rate campus of higher learning and research
  • Live and promote the general mission of Divine Word University


The main objectives of the Rabaul Campus in order to achieve its mission and vision are to:

  • Build strong character and quality graduates (effective character formation)
  • Ensure that students are equipped adequately with skills, knowledge and intellect to work in challenging future environments (develop high intellectual and skills ability)
  • Be equipped and prepared for teaching and learning in a changing technological era (strong teaching and learning development)
  • Be equipped and prepared for work in both the modern hospital and rural health centre settings (firm commitment to best medical practices)
  • Mould and shape students and graduates with Christian, moral and spiritual value systems principles and faith (committed to ethical practices)
  • Make available in the communities and country graduates and workers who are adequately qualified in their profession (relevant and qualified in the profession)
  • Strive towards promoting holistic health
  • Serve the health needs of medically underserved areas of our country and our medically under privileged people