Two Seasons


As the dry season turns to wet, a young boy falls prey to a sickness from which only the masalai can save him. The healing process will see Kandy begin the journey that turns him from a boy into a man.

Two Seasons weaves the story of Kandy's recovery from illness into a portrait of village life that is rich in detail and atmosphere. Traditions and beliefs are central to the characters' lives, and as the story unfolds we see how the past and the present, the spiritual and the physical life, co-exist in harmony.

In this short novel about a young boy's coming of age, Bernard Narokobi has written a lyrical memoir of village life that is destined to become a classic of PNG literature. "Well-informed, eloquent and perceptive ... Bernard Narokobi [has written] a fine-grained and sensitive evocation in fiction of his own society" - The Independent

a novel by Bernard Narokobi
Published 2002
ISBN 9980 9976 5 6
A5; 96 pages
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