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Edited by Nancy Sullivan

Governance Challenges for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands is a collection of conference papers presented at the 'Foreign Policy, Governance and Development: Challenges for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands' which was hosted at the Divine Word University in association with the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project, Australia National University, on March 22nd and 23rd 2004. A very resourceful book it draws on the perspectives and experiences of senior people from the Government, Diplomatic core and Civil society of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands development.

Land issues cut to the heart of national and individual identity in Papua New Guinea. "Land is our physical life," wrote John Dove, Theodore Miriung and Mel Togolo, in 1974. "Land is our social life; it is marriage; it is status; it is security; it is politics; in fact, it is our only world..."

Nearly 30 years later, those words still ring true - and the nation is still struggling to fit its growing development needs into the complex web of the people's connections to, and relationships with, the land.

Featuring a selection of papers delivered at a symposium on land and development held at Divine Word University, Madang, in June 2001, this book aims to represent the complexity of land matters in PNG - and to suggest ways in which customary approaches to land tenure might accommodate development, and help this young nation, built on age-old traditions, move forward into the 21st century.

"No reader could fail to be impressed by the wealth of material and by the wide range of views carefully put forward by the various contributors to this publication" - Dr Hartmut Holzknecht

Published 2002
ISBN 9980 9976 4 8

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