The Department of Humanities


The Department of Humanities comprises the disciplines of Social Science, Language, Arts and Religion, which, for administrative purposes, are referred to as sections within a department. These humanities disciplines play a very important role in instilling cultural relevance, religious values, bilingual education, social and economic aspirations for societies in Papua New Guinea and the world. Studies in the Social Sciences, Language, Arts and Religion prepare our pre-service students to be critical and reflective thinkers who will set positive transformational goals to meet the challenges of this 21st century and beyond.


The Department of Humanities’ vision is to work collaboratively as Joel Baker says, ‘by thinking together, dreaming together, and acting together’ to make a difference in our teaching of religion, language, arts and social science skills to the pre-service students. The skills we impart to the students will set the basis for lifelong learning in all communities. Our over arching vision for the department is to offer quality teaching and learning experiences to the pre-service students and thus, providing continual growth in individual’s social, spiritual, and artistic values which is promoted through language and literacy.


The department of Humanities also embraces the, motto of the Divine Word University to ‘Sic currite ut comprehendatis’ - Run to win, not in a ruthless competitive way, but as an honest effort to achieve one's full potential, through the acquisition of knowledge, which is the mission of research and transmission of knowledge which is the mission of teaching. The pinnacle of the departments’ mission is collectively shared with the Faculty of Education and that is, to graduate academically qualified teachers, with life skills, competences and sound philosophy of life based on Christian values.


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