Department of Social and Religious Studies


The Department of Social and Religious Studies (SRS) is one of the four departments in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) at the Divine Word University. The Department offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences degree program in Social and Religious Studies (SRS). The program is designed to equip the students to deal with social and religious issues in contemporary society. The fast transforming PNG society is increasingly exposed to new challenges in its social existence, particularly in terms of family structure and values, influence of the industrialized world and their complexities, and an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor. The religious arena, too, faces challenges from a variety of issues like increased materialistic worldviews, ritualism, unethical practices in the day-to-day life, and human rights violations. Therefore, the Department is committed to offer formal and informal training to its students based on ethical and Christian values. This is in line with the Faculty’s commitment to producing quality graduates for the Twenty-first century in an active Christian environment.

As PNG society is catching up with the growth pace of other societies of the world, it has become necessary that the younger generations of Papua New Guineans have to take their place in this developing country, while upholding the human, social and ethical values. The units within the academic program are designed to equip the graduates with the necessary experiential and theoretical knowledge to meet the growing demands for an integrated human life. The regular updates of Study Programs and Units reflect the desire of the Department to keep abreast with the rapid pace of development and change in PNG society.


Future Plans

The aim of the program is to create professionals who are qualified to exert transforming influence in the society through professional expertise and practical skills in areas of personal development, community service, and social action based on Christian values. The Department envisages a Master’s program in Theology and a Post Graduate Diploma program in Counseling, both in Flexible Mode. This is in the spirit of progressively developing its academic programs to meet the challenges of the present time.


Program Structure

There are three main strands in the program offered by the Depart of SRS. The Ethics, Core Values and life enhancement areas are integral components of unity delivery at DWU.

  1. 1. Religious studies strand. This strand includes biblical, ecclesial units.
  2. 2. Personal Development studies strand. The second strand include the practical and theoretical units of counseling, life issues.
  3. 3. Social Works studies strand. The third strand includes the social and community development units.

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