Diwai Pacific Limited

header 02Our Vision is to serve society through the provision of consultancy, project management, training and research services in the Pacific region.

Our Mission is to achieve our vision by focusing on our core business to further learning, growth and sustainable social and economic development.

With its close connection to DWU and its affiliates, DPL is able to draw on the capability of academic staff who are well regarded leaders in their respective fields. DPL’s experts have been involved in development projects in PNG and the Pacific.

DPL consultants are actively involved in applied research and have experience in socio-economic studies throughout PNG and the Pacific. Researchers apply accepted best practice methods, have access to the latest information, and produce quality reports that offer relevant and realistic information and strategies. DPL draws on the expertise of the DWU Academic Faculties to design training programs that are tailored to the client’s requirements. In addition DPL encourages client involvement and consultation in the design stages of the training programs.

DPL currently employs a full-time staff of four in its Madang office and two in its Port Moresby office. Extensive use is further made of a network of specialists and experts in the fields of education, health, information technology, business, tourism & hospitality, and community development. In this regard we draw on our skilled network of DWU academic and administrative staff and affiliates in PNG and overseas that are utilised (if and where required) in the undertaking of consulting assignments. DPL has access to quality training and conference facilities particularly at DWU campuses in Madang and Port Moresby.

Profile Information

Our Experience
Diwai Pacific can draw upon extensive experience in the following services:


Diwai Pacific consultants successfully carried out the following consultancy services for clients.
• Subcontractor in the PNGSDP Tabubil Futures Project (2010)
• Consultant with Tanorama on the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Public Expenditure Review and Rationalization (PERR) Project (2010).
• Provision of education consultant to review the effectiveness and quality of training programs delivered under the PNG - Australia HIV and AIDS Program (2008).
• Provision of consultant for National Department of Health Independent Monitoring and Review Group (2007 - 2008).

Project Management

Project Management

Diwai Pacific Limited has successful project management experience across a range of sectors. These include the following:
• Financial management services for Tabubil Hospital (2012 - Present)
• Financial management services for DWU – PNG Incentive Fund Undergraduate Student Dormitory Project (2011 - 2012)
• Global Fund AIDS, TB and Malaria – Component 1, Nationwide Competency Training (2009 - 2010). Component 2, Training of Rural Laboratory Assistants (2011) and Medical Laboratory Assistants (sponsored by GFATM in 2011 and self sponsor in 2012 ongoing).
In-Country Manager of Austraining's Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) and Volunteering for International Development from Australia (VIDA), Australian Volunteer Programs (2009 - 2011).
• UNDP Integrated Development Analysis (IDA) Project (2010)
• In Country Coordinator for the Audit of the Implementation of the Reform Curriculum in PNG. Audit carried out by the Queensland University of Technology for the PNG National Department of Education (2009).
• Local partner for an international telecommunications company implementing the World Bank Papua New Guinea Rural Connectivity Fund (RCF) Project (2008 - 2009).
• Management of grant funding and logistical oversight for the study 'A Pilot Project to Determine the Costs of Providing Antiretroviral Programs at Public Hospitals in PNG' received from the National AIDS Council Secretariat (2008 - 2009).
• Financial management services for Pathfinder International's PNG office (2006 - 2008).
• Project Completion Report for the ADB funded Employment Oriented Skills Development Program for the PNG Department for Community Development (2008).
• Local management and provision of consultants for AusAID's Education Capacity Building Program Upper Secondary Curriculum and Assessment Development in cooperation with the Curriculum Corporation (2007).
• Management and implementation of the Nauru Teacher Training Program for Nauru Ministry of Education (2007 - 2012).
• Successful management and completion of significant infrastructure projects funded by the PNG Incentive Fund and European Union.
• Review and capacity building of provincial hospitals as part of the Hospital Management Operations Improvement Project.

Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) Volunteers, Port Moresby (2011) The Pioneers of Medical Laboratory Assistants training graduating after completing the 6 months course program at DWU, Madang (2011)



Diwai Pacific consultants delivered the following training workshops for our clients.

  • Diploma in Education Management Training
  • English Language Training in Madang for SMS Engineering and Design Limited (Oct 2012 - Jan 2013).
  • Rural Health Facility Management Training for Officers in Charge of Health Facilities in Simbu Province (2012).
  • Mathematics and Technical Industrial Communication for PNG Maritime College (2012).
  • English Language and Cultural Training in Madang for non-citizen employees of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited (2009 - 2012).
  • Colour Accounting for Non-Accountants Training in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, for New Britain Palm Oil Limited (2011).
  • Strategic Planning Training in Madang for Catholic Bishops' Conference (2010).
  • Rural Health Management Capacity Building Training in Wewak, East Sepik Province, for the Sandaun Provincial Health Office, sponsored by Capacity Building Services Centre (2010).
  • HRM Training for Catholic Bishops' Conference in Madang (2008 - 2010).
  • Facilitation of the Joint Provincial Development Workshop in Vanimo, Sandaun Province, for Xstrata Copper (2009).
  • Provincial Education Advisors Leadership Training in Madang for Department of Education, sponsored by PNG Education PRIDE Project (2009).
  • Ramu NiCo Training of Trainers Training in Madang (2009).
  • Tourism and Hospitality Training in Itinerary development, Tour packaging, costing and pricing for the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority in Madang (2009).
  • Strategic Management Workshop for Solomon Islands Customs & Excise Division in Honiara, Solomon Islands (2009).
  • Project Planning and Design Training in Wewak, East Sepik Province, for HELP Resources, Sponsored by Oxfam International (2009).
  • Conflict Prevention and Mediation Training program in the context of Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) projects for the European Union Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (2007).
  • Board of Governance Training workshop conducted for the Lutheran Health Service Board (2007).
  • Ramu NiCo Corporate Governance Workshop in Madang (2007).
  • Design and conduct of specific purpose training programs including QuickBooks, MYOB, computer applications, management and leadership, and communication skills.
  • Leadership and Management Training for fishing associations under the European Union Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project.
Participants from SMS Engineering who completed their English Language training with their facilitator Mrs Annie Manango (2013) First batch of RLA trainees in class in the Rural Laboratory Assistants training (2011) Tourism training in progress. Ms Natheline Murki assisting a participant (2009)



Divine Word University through Diwai Pacific Limited has managed to successfully carry out the following research projects for our clients jointly as well as independently over the last five years.
• The PNG National Education System – Capacity Needs Analysis and Capacity Development Plan (2012).                                                             
• UNDP Integrated Development Analysis (IDA) Project in Bougainville, Mt. Hagen, and (2010)                                                                       
• PNGSDP Tabubil Futures Project (2010).
• Review of the HIV and AIDS Training Program (2008)
• Antiretroviral Programs (ART) Review (2008)
• Rural Communications Project (2008)
• Effectiveness of In-Service and Capacity Building (2008)
• Research and Analysis of media in PNG through the Media for Development Initiative, State of Media Report (AusAID) (2008).
• Review of the Curriculum Reform Implementation Project (CRIP) funded by AusAID (2005).


Staff Profile
Diwai Pacific comprises of a team of five and is lead by our General Manager.

Other staff of Diwai Pacific Limited includes: