Message from the Vice President, Quality Assurance

The Vice President Academic Quality Assurance and Accreditation (VPAQAA) champions the cause of the quality of higher education provision at DWU.  The VPAQAA oversees the development of academic quality management systems to assure and enhance academic quality in line with the strategic direction of the university and national quality assurance standards. The Vice President proactively promotes and ensures quality assurance (QA) in the development and implementation of DWU plans, and supports the continual development of the research, and learning and teaching experience delivered by all DWU academic programs. The VPAQAA advises and informs the President and other key office bearers on all matters relating to accreditation and quality assurance, monitors QA systems, and promotes good practice across the University. The VPAQAA reports to the DWU Council through the Office of the President.

The Vice President is the leader in preparing the University for external and internal audits and in the implementation of recommendations emerging from this key function of the quality assurance cycle.

The Quality Assurance Division comprises the VPAQAA, Executive Officer and the Director, AQA.