Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at DWU

Assuring the public, DWU benefactors, the professions and Papua New Guinea Government of the integrity and quality of DWU’s academic awards is of paramount importance to the standing of Divine Word University both nationally and internationally. Therefore, DWU takes quality assurance seriously.  DWU’s quality assurance and enhancement framework covers a wide range of strategies and policies, all of which are in place to ensure that DWU continues to develop and maintain high standards of academic excellence. The strategies include international benchmarking of programs through twinning partnerships international universities, and cyclic external independent audits at both program and institutional levels. Internal strategies include annual program and unit reviews as well as appraisal of new programs for standards compliance prior to implementation.


A new Academic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Board will be established once the 2015-2016 review of the DWU organizational structure has been completed. This Board will be responsible, among other activities, for the quality assurance of new program proposals and major program changes. It will provide guidance for updating of existing QA policies and processes. Until the new Board is established, these functions will be taken on by the VPAQAA and the Quality Assurance Division.

Director Academic Quality Assurance



  • Dr Ludmilla Luddy Salonda (Ph.D)
  • Director Academic Quality Assurance and Senior Lecturer
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tel: (+675) 424 1893 EXT: 893
  • Fax: (+675) 422 2812
  • LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=59423930&trk=tab_pro
BSc (Journalism) Kansas University (USA) 
BA (English Literature) James Cook University (Aust) 
MA (English Literature) Macquarie University (Aust) 
PhD (Higher Ed Management) Victoria University (Aust)


Current Role: Director of Academic Quality Assurance (DQA) and Chair of Academic Quality Assurance Committee (AQAC)  

Division: Office of the President

Learning & Teaching Engagement
Lecturer responsible for units:
MB615 Organizational Culture
LD602 Strategic Planning for Development
PG107 Papua New Guinea Literature
Research & Scholarship Engagement
Journal article: “Quest for university legitimacy: A Papua New Guinea Case Study” 2012
Team leader of a PhD candidate’s supervisory team
Mentor to Masters students’ research projects
Publisher a Blog on Higher Education Issues in PNG http://blogs.dwu.ac.pg/lsalonda
Administration and Community Engagement 
A member of panel of experts auditing PNG Universities
Alternate member to NHEQAA Committee Chair of Academic Quality Assurance Committee 
A member of the DWU’s Affiliations and Amalgamations Monitoring Committee  Leads DWU into an External Institutional Audit   
Member of DWU Leadership and Management Board

QA Framework

DWU uses a continuous quality improvement cycle. A revised Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework is under development. 

Scheduled reviews

List of previous, current and proposed reviews

Review Year commenced
and completed or year scheduled
Follow up actions
External institutional audit (Madang Campus 2011 2013 follow-up audit
Reviews of all DWU programs 2012-2013 Through five-yearly program reviews
Review of Faculty of Education programs 2014  
Review of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences programs 2015-2016  
Review of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences programs 2016  
External quality assurance review Likely for 2017 (DHERST)  
Review of Faculty of Business and Informatics programs 2018  

How to Apply

Divine Word University (DWU) is a National University. It offers a wide range of full-time and part-time programs within the faculties.

We have three categories of applicants for enrolment at DWU of which the first category is School Leaver. This category includes students currently enrolled in Secondary and National High Schools, Private and International schools, who are doing Grade 12 and sit the Grade 12 National Examination. The second is Non School Leaver (NSL), includes those who have completed Grade 12 in the past and were not selected, Grade 12 upgrading their Grades or those who have completed Grade 10 and are now enrolled at a University Centre or employed. The third category is Degree applicants, who completed two years of diploma studies either at DWU or elsewhere and who wish to upgrade their qualification to a degree level.

DWU will not send application forms to students in schools where students sit the Higher School Certificate Examination. They will use the official Office of Higher Education School Leaver form (SLF) to apply for admission to DWU.

DWU will send NSL forms to those (NSL) who request for the Application form. On the FORM we require,

  1. 1. Personal Information,
  2. 2. Academic Information,
  3. 3. References from the Principal or other teachers from the School and from a Pastor or Community Leader and,
  4. 4. Family or other details of a Sponsor.

A closing date for Applications at DWU is specified on the Form. After we receive all applications, they are then processed and forwarded to respective departments for the initial selection process (Pre-Selection). The Pre-Selected Applicants will go through the final selection after the Grade 12 selection at the Office of Higher Education in December.

If you would like to apply to study at DWU, please download the following forms and send them to the address specified


If you have any other queries please contact the Registrar, stating which course you wish to apply for,

The Registrar's contact details are as follows:

The Registrar
Divine Word University 
P.O Box 483, Madang
Madang Province
Tel: (+675) 422 2937
Fax: (+675) 422 2812
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications for non PNG school leavers close on 31 August each year, applications for PNG school leavers 31 October and overseas applicants 30 November each year.

Development and Self Reliance

About Us

The kindness and generosity of people never cease to amaze the Divine Word University (DWU) Community. DWU is a testimony of people’s kindness and generosity. People who believe in what we believe, helping each other, sharing knowledge with others, having a positive impact upon other people’s lives even though those people may be culturally different and a hundred miles away.

Development and Self Reliance are two very important phrases at DWU mainly because the University is committed to its core values to provide quality of education to the people of PNG and the South Pacific. Some students receive financial aid through scholarship or bursary, and most receive financial assistance from the University itself. DWU endows 70% of tuition costs to most of its on-campus students. Without this supplementary endowment, the majority of students would not have adequate funding to attend the University. This endowment to all students comes from donations and fundraising activities, without which the University would be unable to operate.

The Department of Development and Self Reliance was established to enter into partnership with people of goodwill to enable the University to sustain its activities and assist in further developments of the University. The DDSR contributes to the quality of education, growth and expansion of the University in the following activities:

  • Seeking project funding;
  • Reducing cost in purchasing processes, routine maintenance and construction of new buildings;
  • Enhancing quality of services to staff and students; and
  • Generating income through the University’s companies and savings.


One of the objectives of the Department of Development and Self Reliance is to manage the University’s different commercial arms to reduce the operating costs of the University, enhance teaching, learning and research activities and to support and implement the University’s strategic goals and objectives.

DDSR assists staff of the University in developing and matching faculty strategic plans to potential funding sources. It provides guidance and resources to staff to request, report on and evaluate their projects to supporting organisations.

The DDSR is composed of the university’s commercial enterprises which greatly assist in the self-sustenance of the University. These enterprises are: Diwai Pacific Limited (DPL), Global Travel Centre (GTC), Alpha Network Solutions Limited (Alpha Nets), Diwai Mart Supermarket and Bakery, Diwai Mart Mechanical Workshop, Diwai Mart Building and Construction Limited, Diwai Restaurant and Catering Services, and Diwai Pharmaceuticals (DPhL).

The DDSR is also responsible for overseeing the management of the support services of the University. These support services include Diwai Post Office, DWU Rangers, DWU Student and Staff Dining Halls and DWU Maintenance and Landscaping department.

DSR at DWU is about working in collaboration with each other, promoting the Diwai Spirit

For more information, please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other DSR Commercial Divisions

Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical Workshop

We mainly engage in and offer services in the repair of motor vehicles and other small engines.


Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Owned and operated by Divine Word University, we undertake all manner of work from minor maintenance to major projects and provide our services to external clients and organisations within Madang that may have need of our services. We have multi skilled employees including Supervisors, Foreman, Carpenters, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics, Air-con Technicians and Administrative staff.


DSR Support Services

DSR Support Services

Diwai Post

Along with Post PNG, Diwai Post provides postal service for the DWU and the rest of Madang. Our services include:

  • • Sale of Postage (stamps)
  • • Sending of Philatelic (Aerograms)
  • • Kwik Piksa Leta/Fax (KPL)
  • • The Salim Moni Kwik (SMK) Kisim na Salim service
  • • Sending and receiving Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • • The renting of Private Letter Boxes – 270 boxes
  • • Registered Mail and Normal mail services


DWU Rangers

DWU Rangers assist in maintaining peace and good order on the DWU Madang campus. They are the University’s custodians responsible for the general care and cleanliness of University property and assistance to the University staff and students.

DWU Student and Staff Dining Halls

Supports the academic mission of the University by providing dining services to students and other members of the University community in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.

DWU Maintenance and Landscaping

DWU Maintenance and Landscaping are responsible for general repairs and cleanliness of the university’s properties and facilities.

 DSR Commercial Division Key Staff Profiles


  • Mr. Paias Bokorun
  • Vice President Corporate Services (VPCS)
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Tel: (+675) 424 1832
  • EXT: 832

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DSR Commercial Division Key Staff Profiles

Community Information Centre

The Community Information Centre (CIC) is a department within the Office of the President of Divine Word University. CIC logo Copy

The CIC is responsible for the public information dissemination and promotion of the University.

The Centre enables the University to keep stakeholders including the alumni and the general public informed about its academic, research and community engagement activities through the various media forms.

DWU makes a significant contribution to higher education in Papua New Guinea and is expanding its services to the Pacific region.

It is the role of the CIC to ensure the contribution of the University to higher education, research and community engagement within its campuses and in the wider community as an agency for higher education is brought to the attention of the general public through the media.

The Department promotes the University and its programs and activities through the production and distribution of editorial and advertising and promotional information via the different media platforms to attract prospective students, potential sponsors and donor partners.

The CIC is also responsible for the publication of books and the University’s flagship research journal “Contemporary Papua New Guinea Studies: DWU Research Journal”, books written by DWU staff and associates of the university, the quarterly alumni magazine called Alumni & Friends and other public information materials of the University through its DWU Press.


Contact Details:

Telephone number: (+675) 422 2937 EXT 820
Fax: (+675) 422 2812
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.