Education and Professional Studies


The Department of Educational and Professional Development was established as a result of the restructure in the staffing and the positions at St. Benedict’s Campus in 2012. It is comprised of two important sections that drive the main objective of the primary teacher training program within the Faculty of Education. The department has five diligent teaching staff with relevant qualifications and experiences. Each staff has come with vast experiences in the primary education teaching and administrative backgrounds.

The professional development section is responsible for equipping the student teachers with relevant teaching skills, class control and management skills, professional and ethical roles and responsibilities as teachers.

The Special/Inclusive Education section has an important responsibility for educating the student teachers to be inclusive in their classroom teaching in the main stream schools. This means accommodating and  responding to the basic human rights of the people with part or total physical, mental and emotional impairments to be included in all activities as people with equal rights.

The department is responsible for coordinating and conducting the Field Teaching Practice for student teachers each year. This program provides opportunities for student teachers to experience a period of intensive block teaching experiences of six (6) weeks in schools. The aim of this exercise is to help student teachers develop the necessary skills, knowledge, with the right attitudes and values and professional standards demanded of the teaching profession.


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