Finance at DWU

The Bursar is the officer in charge of the business and financial aspects of DWU administration. He is assisted by a Director of Finance, Accountant, Treasurer and Purchasing Officer.

The Finance Division provides financial support in the realisation of the Divine Word University Mission and the Division seeks to:

  • • Develop an effective financial stewardship rather than merely financial control that would improve operational efficiency.
  • • Ensure the proper allocation of available financial resources consistent with the operational and development needs of the University.
  • • Assure an effective procurement system for goods and services required by the different units of the University.
  • • Maintain an accounting system that would generate accurate and timely financial information for decision-making.
  • • Ascertain the availability of funds for the operational and development needs of the University through efficient cash management.
  • • Maintain an efficient and effective academic information system responsive to the educational needs of the clientele and directly supportive of administrative decision-making.
  • • DWU accounts are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers annually.

Finance Staff