How to Apply

Divine Word University (DWU) is a National University. It offers a wide range of full-time and part-time programs within the faculties.

We have three categories of applicants for enrolment at DWU of which the first category is School Leaver. This category includes students currently enrolled in Secondary and National High Schools, Private and International schools, who are doing Grade 12 and sit the Grade 12 National Examination. The second is Non School Leaver (NSL), includes those who have completed Grade 12 in the past and were not selected, Grade 12 upgrading their Grades or those who have completed Grade 10 and are now enrolled at a University Centre or employed. The third category is Degree applicants, who completed two years of diploma studies either at DWU or elsewhere and who wish to upgrade their qualification to a degree level.

DWU will not send application forms to students in schools where students sit the Higher School Certificate Examination. They will use the official Office of Higher Education School Leaver form (SLF) to apply for admission to DWU.

DWU will send NSL forms to those (NSL) who request for the Application form. On the FORM we require,

  1. 1. Personal Information,
  2. 2. Academic Information,
  3. 3. References from the Principal or other teachers from the School and from a Pastor or Community Leader and,
  4. 4. Family or other details of a Sponsor.

A closing date for Applications at DWU is specified on the Form. After we receive all applications, they are then processed and forwarded to respective departments for the initial selection process (Pre-Selection). The Pre-Selected Applicants will go through the final selection after the Grade 12 selection at the Office of Higher Education in December.

If you would like to apply to study at DWU, please download the following forms and send them to the address specified


If you have any other queries please contact the Registrar, stating which course you wish to apply for,

The Registrar's contact details are as follows:

The Registrar
Divine Word University 
P.O Box 483, Madang
Madang Province
Tel: (+675) 422 2937
Fax: (+675) 422 2812
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications for non PNG school leavers close on 31 August each year, applications for PNG school leavers 31 October and overseas applicants 30 November each year.