Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Department at Divine Word University primarily acknowledges that the staff themselves are an essential and valuable resource for the University. The staff of the University are a resource that contributes immensely to the success of the University itself. They are a resource that can be further developed.

In accord with the University's Charter and its vision and mission, and in cooperation with other departments, the Human Resource Department aims to create a healthy working environment for all staff, whether they be academic, administrative or ancillary.

The Human Resource Department deals with various employment matters for all staff of the University.

  • • We deal with the recruitment and introduction of new staff.
  • • We deal with appointments, appraisals and promotions.
  • • We deal with applications for visas, work permits, and passports.
  • • We provide information on Staff Development.
  • • We facilitate the participation of staff in professional and personal development.
  • • We deal with staff housing and transit accommodation.


Vacancies at Divine Word University occur from time to time. Various positions become available at different times and sometimes unexpectedly. If you are interested in working at Divine Word University you can send your application together with an updated CV to the HRM Department. Sometimes certain positions are immediately available while other applications can be held for future reference when possible positions may arise.

For all academic positions the University requires a Master’s degree as a basic requirement. It is not the normal practice to advertise regularly on the webpage unless there is an emergency. We tend to use the local newspapers, personal recommendations and the various applications that we have on file.


Contact Details:

Telephone number: (+675) 424 1818   EXT 818
Fax: (+675) 422 2812
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.