Holy Trinity Teachers College

Holy Trinity Teachers' College (HTTC) is in Mt Hagen, Western Highland Province. The college was established by the Divine Word Missionaries in 1957. The college developed from an institution situated at Fatima near Banz and registered as Fatima Teachers' College. Due to the expansion of the primary and secondary schools, the decision was made to move the college to Mt Hagen, to its current location. HTTC provides primary teacher education programs. The College accepts students from all over the country. It is operated by the Catholic Education Agency of the Archdiocese of Mt Hagen. In 2011, HTTC underwent an audit by DWU and is now an affiliated institution of DWU.



For more information, contact:
The Principal
Holy Trinity Teachers College,
PO Box 274,
Mt Hagen
WHP 281
Tel: (675) 542 1411    
Fax (675) 542 3042