Tropicana backs DWU Rabaul Campus

Long-time East New Britain business house Tropicana Ltd has donated K100,000 to the Rabaul Campus of Divine Word University and offered scholarships to two trainee teachers.

Managing director of Tropicana Ms Sandra Lau MBE attended the 2nd combined graduation of OLSH Kabaleo Teachers College and St Mary’s Vunapope Nursing School on Thursday 30 November 2017 and made the announcement.

Ms Lau also presented several awards to outstanding students during the graduation held at Kabaleo.

The two iconic Catholic colleges in East New Britain going back to the 1950s and 1960s have amalgamated with their big sister Catholic institution, DWU, in 2015 and have since become the Rabaul Campus of the Madang-headquartered University.

Ms Lau said she is a firm believer in partnership between business, government, institutions and other parties to make things and Tropicana was making the donation in this regard to the DWU Rabaul Campus.

She said it is through partnership that things can happen and Tropicana will support DWU whenever it can.

“The success of this institution is going to be a combined effort from the government, business, DWU, parents and others,” Ms Lau said.

M Lau said she respects the work of teachers and nurses who are often at times made to work under difficult circumstances in the rural areas.

Rabaul Campus Vice President Professor Francis Hombhanje said DWU was proud to receive the donation from Ms Lau and Tropicana for the education of young Papua New Guineas.

Prof Hombhanje said without such partnership from willing corporate partners like Tropicana institutions like DWU would not do the great things they do for the education of young people.

Prof Hombhanje praised Ms Lau for being a willing supporter of DWU in Rabaul every time the campus needed assistance.

He said the K100,000 from Tropicana will specifically go towards financing the extension of the science laboratory at OLSH Kabaleo. Prof Hombhanje said the scholarship of the K8,000 each will pay the fees of two outstanding Diploma in Primary Teachhing students who will continue to do the one-year degree program in the campus next year.

The graduation ceremony saw 186 students graduate with their Diploma in Primary Teaching and 32 students who graduated with their Diploma in General Nursing.

The graduation ceremony followed the Missioning Ceremony the previous day at the main Cathedral at the Rabaul Archdiocese in Vunapope where Archbishop of Rabaul Francesco Panfilo was the main celebrant assisted by Father Philip Gibbs from the Madang Campus and Fr Alphonse Dende from the Rabaul Campus.