Students Make History

video conferencing class with Proffessor Argenbright

A  class of Twenty eight Mathematics and Computing Science studentsfrom Divine  Word University are making history by being the first class to have lectures via  video conferencing or online classes.

    Divine  Word University  introduced online  courses for its students as its strategic plan emphases quality of teaching and  learning, it  encourages  the use of  ICT as a necessary resource to quality of  research, teaching and learning.


video conferencing class with Proffessor Argenbright2“The  University established online studying in 2011 and we are extremely pleased to  see Professor Deane lecturing while living in USA while our students are  learning and studying at DWU, Papua New Guinea,” said Fr Jan Czuba President of  Divine Word University.

    Fr  Jan further added that it is his belief that the students of Papua New Guinea  should have access to Professors from different countries and universities  lecturing to them. 

    He elaborated  that this doesn’t mean those professors have to physically fly in and be in a classroom  in the PNG Context rather today’s ICT allows for quality education and  such a productive and very much constructive  teaching and learning process.

    Of  the twenty eight students, 17 are third year students and 11 are final year  students who are taking the unit Probability and Statistics 2 through video  conferencing. The unit is taught by Professor Deane Arganbright who is in  Unites States of America. 

“At  first we were a bit reluctant and hesitant but as time went by we got used to  it and now we are interacting with Professor Deane,” said third year  Mathematics and Computing Science student Charmmayne Epri.

    Despite  the psychological challenge of the traditional way of teaching with lecturer  being in the classroom, students have reacted positively to online teaching and  learning.

    Arthure  Polin , another Mathematics and Computing Science students at the University  said he was very proud to be making history for being the first class to  undertake online classes.

    According  to Professor Arganbright, they are half way through the first half of the unit Probability  and Statistics. Their online classes started since the beginning of the 2012  Academic year and the students sat for their first test  on Tuesday April 03.

    These  online classes are scheduled every Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours.

    Professor  Deane Arganbright has expressed his gratitude towards the DWU ICT Department  and Fr Jan Czuba President of the University for supporting this project and  making it technically possible for him and the students to have classes.

    The  President of the University has also mentioned that Divine Word University is  making thorough plans to introduce new units and have professors from different  countries and universities lecture in DWU through video conferencing.

    Fr  Jan emphasized that Divine Word University is very much selective of overseas  professors where the university engages those who have experience of PNG and  the South Pacific or those who did research in this part of the world. He  clarified this saying it is essential for professors to understand the  students’ social, economical and cultural context.