Tourism expo praised

Final year Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) students at Divine Word University (DWU) staged the successful 5th tourism expo titled in Tok Pisin “Liklik Diwai Turism Expo” at the Madang campus on Friday 18th May, 2012.

The students staged the expo under the theme “creating a positive vision for tourism and hospitality industry in PNG”. Many businesses and other partners both within Madang and other parts of the country attended the expo. Local villagers including mothers from the settlements also attended  and sold their artifacts.


Guest speakers from government, industry and the university praised and commend the students for their hard work and ability to organize such a successful event.
Marianna Ellingson, the Director General of the Office of Tourism, Art and Culture (OTAC) congratulated the students for a job well done.

Ms Ellingson said the THM program at DWU was on the right track as part of the journey for change in the tourism and hospitality in PNG.

She said OTAC is conducting a policy review and the program at DWU was a significant contributor to the industry.

Ms Ellingson said their office was open to suggestion to develop the industry.

Keynote speaker, DWU Vice president, research and post graduate studies, Dr Maretta Kula-Semos said the theme of the expo challenged the students and the university to be innovative hence the expo.

She said the students and DWU through its foresight in offering the program over a decade ago have done well for the industry in a country with so many challenges.

Dr Kula-Semos said the tourism and hospitality industry in PNG was affected by a myriad of challenges and it was efforts such as those at DWU that can help address the situation.

She said a successful and vibrant tourism and hospitality industry is possible when everything else is working well in the country.

The former lecturer who founded the  Expo, Erigere Singin said she was very proud of what the students over the last five years have done although she was no longer with them.

Ms Singin said the idea of an expo came about as a way of assessing students because she was a practical person from the field and not an academic.

She also thanked DWU President Fr Jan Czuba who immediately approved it to be an annual calendar event on the very first day it was staged.

Ms Singin also thanked DWU Vice president, student administration, Br Andrew Simpson for being there for the students from day one with his support for the students.

Parent and guest speaker, John Nicholas also praised the students and said their initiative was important promote the industry.

Mr Nicholas who is a businessman in the hospitality and tourism sector said while DWU and its students were doing what they could for the industry,

the government could do more by providing incentives for university graduates to go into business in the sector.Simon Dari PihJohn NicholasMAdang mothersCarverTusbab students