Let core values guide us, staff told

frjan speechPresident of Divine Word University, Fr Jan Czuba has reminded staff that they be guided by the “core values” of the university as they resume duties for the new academic year.
Fr Czuba said “the core values of the University include Integrity, academic excellence, community engagement/service, respect, diversity, hospitality, learning for life and social responsibility. All these are the reason why Divine Word University exists.”

The president made the call when opening the staff induction week at the Sir Peter Barter Auditorium of the Madang campus on Tuesday 29 January, 2013.

Staff members use the induction week to prepare for the new academic year and it precedes the enrolment of students and resumption of lectures. Enrolment and resumption of lectures starts on Monday 4 February, 2013.

Fr Czuba urged the staff to aim for greater things this academic year.

“With the University’s theme for this year being ‘Commitment to Total Quality Assurance’, we need to be great,” said Czuba.

He said the 2013 academic year is part of the second decade of the university implementing its 30-year strategic plan where “the aim is not only to be good but to be a great university”.

Fr Jan Czuba also challenged his staff to find their place in the world and consider what they will provide to the world that others cannot.

He stressed that in order to achieve the plans and goals each individual has to ask himself or herself why he or she is at DWU and be guided by the University’s core values.

“One shouldn’t market Divine Word University by saying what we do or how we do it but why we do it ,” said Fr Czuba.

He said “At Divine Word University, we all know what we do, some know how we do it and few know why they do what they do.”

“The Core values stretch and challenge us but we know where we are and where we want to go."

New and continuing staff members of the University are going through a week-long resumption of duty program which allows vice presidents, deans and departmental leaders to share their plans and insights of work for the new academic year.