DWU joins 37th independence anniversary celebs


1 Independence bannerDivine Word University (DWU) students and staff at the main campus in Madang joined the rest of Papua New Guinea to mark the 37th independence anniversary of the country in their own ways.
As last year, the students lead in marking the national anniversary with different events throughout last week leading to the national day on Sunday 16th September, 2012.

The lead up events included live band concerts, drama and dances and a multi-sport tournament. The flag raising though was delayed till Monday 17th anniversary, which enabled students to take part in Madang’s main ceremony at Laiwaden Oval and complete the finals of the independence sports tournament.

As usual students grouped themselves into their provinces of origin and raised their provincial flags in unison with the national flag which was raised outside the main DWU administration building.

The provincial flags were raised on the poles purposely installed by DWU along the two streets run past the Friendship Library. The 37th independence anniversary events at the DWU campus were among many that were hosted by various schools and business houses in Madang town including the main flag raising ceremony and parade at the Laiwaden Oval on Sunday 16th September, 2012.

2 students mingle3 DWU students4 students and flags