DWU in Madang staged a successful Cultural Day

Students at Divine Word University in Madang staged a successful Cultural Day showcasing the unique cultures and traditions of the 22 provinces on Saturday 24 August, 2013.

Hundreds of residents and visitors flocked to the SVD oval near the campus to see a sampling of cultures and traditions on display.

One of the important features of the occasion was the involvement of parents and relatives, who travelled to the campus with the costumes and assisted their sons and daughters, don the traditional attires and perform. People from the various provinces who reside in Madang also came and supported the students from their home provinces.

The day was a culmination of several weeks of planning by the Cultural Day Committee of the Student Representative Council and a week of evening rehearsals where some parents and relatives were on hand to assist their children in practicing the songs and dances.

The evening before the Cultural Day had the different groups parading and describing their performances and what it meant in their cultural context at the SVD Memorial Auditorium.

The Cultural Day is DWU’s calendar event where the university sets aside one Saturday every August for the students to appreciate and acknowledge their indigenous cultures and traditions.