DWU staff urged to meet challenges

Staff members of Divine Word University (DWU) were challenged to think and act differently in academic scholarship in view of the changing higher education landscape.

President of DWU, Fr Jan Czuba issued the challenge during his address to welcome staff to the new academic year at the Sir Peter Barter Auditorium of the Madang campus on Tuesday 31, January, 2012.

The President highlighted the new approaches to teaching, learning and researching with the assistance of advanced Information Technology and has called on the staff to keep up with the global standard.

“Being the only university in the country to voluntarily allow for external academic audit, the university has made its stance in the international arena,” he said.

“We have the necessary competencies, experience and skills as a community to not only successfully respond to the challenges in PNG and the world, but also to be engaged and participate in the Higher Education development taking place in PNG and the South Pacific.  We don’t want to be mere

observers but we want to be active participants and contribute to the social and economic development of PNG and the body of knowledge,” Fr Czuba said.

“Although there are challenges from the political, social and economical landscape in the country, we can take advantage of the situation and do well by looking at things positively and not negatively,” he said.
The academic staff of the university resumed duties on Monday the 30th of January and participated in a week-long induction program in which, the recommendations of the external audit last year were also discussed to address the recommendations made.

Fr Czuba encouraged the staff of the university to stay focused on their vision and to live, work and dream together as a positive vibrant team and to work and believe in the “Power of Positive Vision” which is the theme for this year,  2012.

Fr Czuba concluded by assuring his team with these words: “We are a great team, having a positive vision about our future, we know where we want to go and how, we know our objectives and we want to invent our future: To be national, to be open, to offer quality of research, teaching, learning and community engagement and to be a Christian University, thus all divisions, departments and Faculties must all rethink how we can best serve those objectives above”.

The students enrolled on Monday 6 of February followed by the resumption of classes.