Informative Open Day

Divine Word University staged a successful “Open Day” at its main campus in Madang on Sunday 4th of May, 2014.

The Open Day is held on the first Sunday of May every year and enables the faculties and their departments to interact with the public and share information about their academic programs.

Sunday’s event was no exception as hundreds of people among them many school children, passed through the displays and information booths.

The Open Day also enables the public and private sector partners of the faculties and their departments to display or demonstrate the link between what is learnt at the University and the work environment.

Various government agencies, business houses and non-government organisations participated in this year’s Open Day as partners of the academic departments.

Tertiary institutions in Madang such as PNG Maritime College, Lutheran School of Nursing and Madang Technical College also took part.

President of DWU, Fr Jan Czuba who toured the displays and information booths praised everyone involved for their significant contributions towards the staging of the “best Open Day” in some years. “I was impressed with enthusiasm demonstrated by our students, the knowledge of the subject of studies and the commitment they demonstrated during the open day. I think everyone could experience the University's Collegiality Sprite and felt welcome.”

The Open Day adopted the University’s theme of the year “International Partnerships for Quality of Governance, Learning and Research”.

“The University was blessed with so many visitors who came and supported us in this important event in which DWU was able to demonstrate to the public what we do, how we conduct learning, teaching research and community engagement and why we do things the way we do at DWU.

“We were happy to welcome Mr Kim Yun-Suing, the Counsellor of the Republic of Korea, who was among the students and staff and shared with us the richness of Korean culture,” said Fr Czuba said.

The University was delighted to welcome the Ambassador Lucy Bogari, deputy secretary of policy at the Department of Foreign Affairs who came with her team and participated in the very important event of the University. “The Department of Foreign Affairs is a very important partner in developing quality of our academic programs, which are focusing on international relationship,” said Fr Czuba. “The University is delighted to have such a strong partner as the Department of Foreign Affairs.”

"It was very much encouraging to see Ambassador Bogari committing her time and energy to share her experience with students and lecturers of the University. “By working together I am positive that DWU will graduate students who are willing to provide quality of leadership and support the development of Papua New Guinea," Fr Czuba said.

In the spirit of partnership and collaboration the University was indeed delighted to see so many people from the National Department of Health. “The partnership between the University and the National Department of Health each year is getting better and by working together thus we are able to graduate not only academically qualified but ethically motivated graduates willing to serve in the health sector and provide health care services to those in need,” Fr Czuba said.

The Faculty of Health Sciences won the 2014 Open Day prize for the best organized faculty display followed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Business and Informatics.

The Open Day began on Saturday with a Mass at the University’s St Joseph Freinademetz Chapel at 7 pm during which Fr Czuba said: “Talk is cheap. Anyone can make claims. But when it comes to our DWU Community we have the credentials to back up our claim as we will do tomorrow the 4th of May”.

The “Open Day” succeeded the university’s commemoration of the “World Media Freedom Day” on Friday. The Faculty of Arts and Social Science through its Department of Communication Art led the Media Freedom Day celebrations. It was indeed a day of joy and happiness when the DWU Community was reflecting on the quality of media reporting, its freedom and the manner in which media in Papua New Guinea is operating.

Senior journalists and alumni members of DWU, Anisha Isimel from National Broadcasting Corporation’s Madang office and Belinda Kora of PNG FM in Port Moresby were guest speakers at the Media Freedom Day celebration.