NCD subsidises fees

The governor of National Capital District (NCD), Mr Powes Parkop delivered a cheque of over K82,000 to Divine Word University’s Madang campus as tuition fee subsidy for students from the capital city.

Mr Parkop visited the campus on Saturday 5th July, 2014 to handover the cheque to the University.

The governor presented the money to DWU President, Fr Jan Czuba during the 4th Central Night staged by students from Central Province and NCD where he was the guest speaker.

Mr Parkop said the NCD government values education and the support for the 19 students was a realization of it. He said the subsidy is normally paid straight to the University bank account, but this time he decided to deliver the cheque in person to meet the students and also take part in the Central Night which the indigenous Motu-Koitabu people share language culture with neighbours in Central.

The Governor also used to occasion to talk about how he sees the role of young people in Port Moresby.

He said young people that have been raised in Port Moresby must take ownership of the city to make it a better place

Mr Parkop said the city government is giving the money to assist the students offset their fees.

The governor said the NCD Commission realizes the positive impact the younger generation can have on the city and it was investing in their education through its various assistance schemes.

He said Port Moresby can transform into a better place and role model for other centres in PNG once the younger generation is educated and given opportunity to contribute meaningfully to its development.

Governor Parkop said majority of the parents of the city’s youths may be from other provinces but if they have lived much of their adult lives in Port Moresby and the kids were born and bred there, it is their home and they must look after it.

He said the filth and disorganisation the city has faced over the years had much to do with people not taking ownership of it as their home.

“Many city parents from other provinces have been living in denial for too long that they are in Port Moresby for a while and it was not their place of origin and they rubbish it and don’t look after it,” said Mr Parkop.

He said many of these parents have been living in the city for 20 to 30 years, working and doing business and raised children there but claimed that they were only in the city temporarily. He said such people trashed the city through their attitudes and actions while denying the fact that they have spent most of their productive adult lives in the city and it is their home.

Mr Parkop said this attitude must change and the NCD Commission is investing in the education of the youth of the city to help change the mindset held by their parents