Mosquito nets for students

The Madang Provincial Health Division has donated 17 bales of mosquito nets to students of Divine Word University to use in their dormitories.

The 17 bales containing 1,700 mosquito nets were handed over to the university’s Student Services Department recently.

Director of student services, Mr Steven Namosa thanked the provincial health division when receiving the nets.

“It’s a donation and we are happy to receive this in our fight against malaria,” Mr Namosa said.

He said was important to be proactive against a killer disease such as Malaria which is spread by mosquito bites.

The deans of student would distribute the nets to the students.

Deputy director technical program in the health division, Mr Arthur Walgun said the division and its partners have targeted institutions under a new approach in combating malaria.

“With a significant drop in malaria cases, we are now looking at other avenues such as institutions because students are always away from home.”

Mr Walgun said malaria cases in Madang have dropped markedly due to prevention programs spearheaded by the Rotary Against Malaria. He said malaria cases dropped from 19 per cent to 6.7 per cent in the years 2006 to 2011.

The mosquito nets will also be issued to outlying high schools such as Aiome High in Middle Ramu, Holy Spirit High in Bogia and Raikos High in Rai Coast.

Mr Walgun also acknowledged the consistent commitment of partners against malaria such as Oil Search Health Foundation, Population Services International, and PNG Institute of Medical Research who assist in the distribution of mosquito nets to people.