Vaccination against measles

Divine Word University (DWU) has been carrying out vaccination of its students and staff and their families against measles at the Madang campus over the past several days.

DWU invited the Madang Provincial Health Division to carry out the vaccination with the support of health professionals on the University staff. This follows the provincial health authority declaring an outbreak of measles cases in the province and its call for people to visit hospitals and clinics to check on their status and be vaccinated.

Sr Robina Sange of the DWU Clinic said a measles task force team from the provincial health division responded positively to the University’s request to provide vaccine, and assisted in the vaccination.

The university administration felt that vaccination was a necessary precautionary measure to safeguard the health of all members of the university community and invited everyone to be vaccinated.

The vaccination has been carried out at the university clinic.

Sr Sange said it is expected that 350 students and staff would be vaccinated in this round of vaccination with more to follow in the coming days.

She highly commended students for turning up in good numbers to be vaccinated.

“The disease is airborne and contagious and it is good to see students come here to get immunised,” she said.

Residents of the neighbouring Gavstoa settlement and others are also being vaccinated at the campus clinic.