Fee subsidy for Jiwaka students

The new province of Jiwaka is embarking on developing its human resource capacity by subsidising fees for its students at various tertiary institutions.

This policy is being pursued by the inaugural governor of the province Dr William Tongamp. Dr Tongamp has a higher education teaching background having taught at a university in Japan before resigning to pursue a political career as a national parliamentarian in his native Papua New Guinea when he successfully contested the National Election in 2012.

Dr Tongamp was at the Divine Word University (DWU) on Monday 18th August and presented cheques for the fee subsidy for Jiwaka students studying in tertiary institutions in Madang. He said his provincial government is doing all it could to assist students in institutions of higher education.

He told students in his address that the new province has a lot on its plate in terms of development needs and challenges thus Jiwaka students in higher education will have to appreciate whatever levels of assistance from the provincial government especially fee subsidy.

The governor presented three cheques for K80,000, K9,000 and K6,000 to DWU, Madang Teachers College and the Lutheran School of Nursing (LSON) respectively in a brief ceremony.

Dr Tongamp said his provincial government is currently faced with a mammoth task of developing infrastructure with limited resources however human resource development remains one of its priorities.

“If we have some means of internal revenue, then we will pull out money and assist students,” he said.

“There are critics but to me it is a must we assist those (students) who are really in need and nearing completion of their studies.”

The representative of the students and DWU Jiwaka Students Association President, Joshua Kagwi thanked the governor for taking time out to present the cheques and also to share information about the challenges facing the new province.

“Thank you governor for implementing the policy of school fees subsidy.”

“One day, Jiwakas will reap what you sow,” he told Dr Tongamp.

DWU Vice President Student Affairs, Mr Ted Alau, who is also from the province, thanked the governor for coming to the aid of the students.

“I understand the hardships students here are going through. Your assistance here is greatly appreciated,” Mr Alau said.

The governor also assured Jiwaka students at the PNG Maritime College and Madang Technical College who gathered at the ceremony that his government would consider them as well. Jiwaka is an abbreviation of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia areas which were formerly made up the eastern part of the Western Highlands Province (WHP) which were separated from WHP as a new province by Parliament and came to formal existence as of the National Election in 2012.