Events add value to learning

Divine Word University (DWU) encourages the active involvement of students in planning, organizing and staging events on campus to enhance what they learn in class.

The events include symposiums, conferences, mini shows and expos and the commemoration of important calendar days such as the World Press Freedom Day, World Physiotherapy Day, Independence Day, International Water and Tourism Day and so on.

The university allows the students to take the lead in staging these events while staff members provide guidance where needed.

The DWU recognises that when students are actively involved in planning, organizing and staging such events, it helps them to put to practice the theory they learn in class.

The University realizes that these engagements enable the students to develop organizational skills, team work, public communication skills, trouble-shooting skills and self-confidence which are essential attributes for a graduate to be competitive in versatile modern work environment.

Over the past month alone, final year bachelors degree students from the different departments in the Faculty of Business and Informatics (FBI) were busy staging several events as part of their assessment following weeks of planning and organisation.

The events included the 7th Liklik Diwai Tourism Expo (a project of the final year Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management students), 14th Business Ethics Symposium (final year Bachelor of Business Accounting/Management students), 9th Information Systems Symposium (final year Bachelor of Information Systems students) and the 3rd Mathematics and Computing Science Symposium (Bachelor of Mathematics and Computing Science students).

In the tourism expo, the students engaged with partners involved in the tourism and hospitality sector including grassroots artists and tradition cultural groups to stage another successful show.

The business ethics symposium allowed students to interact with business managers and other key figures in the private sector to share experiences and expectations in the very important area of ethical conduct in the work place and private lives.

The symposiums staged by the Information Systems and Mathematics and Computing Science departments saw the students present their reports on projects they carried out during the year.

So for students at DWU, the educational experience is a combination of the formal lectures and additional group activities and events that add value to their learning.