Government commends DWU growth

The Government of Papua New Guinea has acknowledged the exceptional development of Divine Word University since becoming a university in 1996.

The Acting Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST), Professor David Kavanamur delivered the commendations from the government during the launch of its academic year at the main campus in Madang on Friday 13th February, 2015.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of HERST, Honourable Malakai Tabar, the Acting Secretary said the Government was pleased with the positive developments at DWU in recent years.

Prof Kavanamur said some of the recent developments that DWU staff and students should be proud of include:

  • DWU being the first university to undertake Quality Audit and Post-Audit (review);
  • Promoting gender balance;
  • Being a compliant university to government objectives of access and quality;
  • Being responsive to current ONeill-Dion Government encouragement of universities to self-sustaining (eg, Global Travel, DWU travel agency business); and
  • Being a contemporary University with a focus on improving student experience.

“With the notable focus of DWU on quality academic programs and research, the University has a tremendous role to play in the transformation of the economy of PNG,” said Prof Kavanamur.

“I commend the excellent work done by DWU President Fr Jan (Czuba) and your excellent team.”

“Our government is pleased to be able to support university students at institutions of higher education such as DWU as we fully appreciate the valuable investment you represent,” said Prof Kavanamur.

He therefore called on the students to apply themselves diligently throughout their studies and life as students of DWU.

“And so, students, given your wonderful study opportunity at DWU, I ask all of you to apply yourself to your studies diligently throughout the year, to assist each other to learn as much as you can learn from your lectures, and to muster the determination necessary when you feel overloaded with exams and assignments,” Prof Kavanamur told the students.

“This year, at this stage, the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology is providing scholarship support for over 5600 new students, in addition to scholarships for nearly 6,200 continuing students (an increase of 21 per cent).

“Once our final count is complete, we expect to be providing scholarships for 13,000 students in our institutions of higher education,” Prof Kavanamur said. Divine Word University evolved from the Divine Word Institute (DWI) after the Government of Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan declared it a university in August, 1996. The transition took place under the leadership of Fr Czuba who joined the former DWI as its president in 1995 after committing 11 years as a parish priest in rural Ambunti district in East Sepik Province. DWU is a realization of a vision of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) missionaries of the Catholic Church to build a university in PNG back in the 1950s.