Think globally, graduates told

Graduates from Divine Word University (DWU) have been called on to develop a global perspective of changes taking place in Papua New Guinea and understand the linkages in a globalising world.

Japanese Ambassador to PNG His Excellency Morio Matsumoto said this at the 33rd graduation ceremony of DWU in Madang on Sunday 15 March, 2015.

“I would suggest that you should develop the attitude of looking at things from a global perspective.”

“This would become more and more important as this region (Asia-Pacific) is undergoing tremendous changes as I discussed earlier,” said Ambassador Matsumoto.

He said the structure of the world is changing rapidly where advances in information and communication technology notably with the advent of the Internet and mobile communication that have come to symbolize “globalization” or a “borderless world”.

His Excellency Matsumoto said within such a world no single state can achieve its goals for stability and prosperity on its own.

“We have to cooperate with each other bilaterally and multilaterally,” the Ambassador said.

“Regional cooperation becomes more important in this regard.”

He said the Asia-Pacific region is becoming more and more important for economic development and international security and prosperity.”

“Almost all the powers major powers are paying close attention to this region.

“In such circumstances, Japan and Papua New Guinea are in a good position to make contributions to regional stability and prosperity as close friends and reliable partners,” he said.

The Ambassador also reminded the graduates not to lose sight of their cultural heritage and urged them to go for further studies and strife to work to live honest and successful lives.

“I would like to advise that you should study well of your own culture and make full use of your cultural heritages.”

“Your contribution to the society as well as the international community will be founded on your identity as a citizen of PNG.”