DWU is ‘beacon of hope’, says Aussie envoy

Prof Anne Cummins

Divine Word University (DWU) is a “beacon of hope” for Papua New Guinea and graduates must value their qualifications attained from there.

Deputy High Commissioner of Australia, Margaret Adamson said this when delivering the keynote address of the 30th graduation of DWU at the Madang campus on Sunday 4th March, 2012.

Ms Adamson reminded graduates that DWU rates well internationally and graduates must appreciate their awards from a fine university that was sowing the seeds of hope for the common good and what is right.

She said DWU graduates are of highest caliber anywhere in the world that must be appreciated. Chairman of DWU Council, Dr Father Garrett Roche in his welcome address said DWU’s fine reputation has resulted in majority of the 2011 final year students getting jobs upon completion of studies.

Ms Adamson said she heard about DWU and the very positive things it was doing whilst in Australia before being posted to PNG recently.

Ms Adamson said she heard about DWU from academics in Australian institutions and from the Polish Ambassador in Australia who also seconded to PNG and several other Pacific nations.

She said the Polish Ambassador was a school-mate of DWU president Fr Jan Czuba at the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland.

Ms Adamson said the very fine traditions of standing up for what is right and for the common good associated with Catholic University’s such as Lublin were apparent at DWU.

MS Adamson told the graduating students that DWU was making a significant contribution towards developing human resources and democracy and graduates must value their qualifications from the University.

She said DWU “is a beacon of hope for PNG with its fight for human resource development and democratic principles”.

Ms Adamson said education was a key to sustainable development and it was one of several key sectors that the Australian government supports in PNG.

“You are a part of this positive cycle of change,” the diplomat told the graduates.

Ms Adamson said Australia through AusAID and other Australian organizations and educational institutions has been working with DWU on various levels and this engagement is continuing.

Ms Adamson also reminded the graduates that education does not stop and graduates should consider pursuing further studies.

DWU president Fr Jan Czuba reiterated the need for graduates to work for the common good of the PNG society rather than personal fulfillment which is common.

Fr Czuba said there were people in PNG that “were fulfilling their egos than in the much greater pursuit of contributing to a better humanity”.

He urged DWU graduates not to go down the same path but make a difference with the education and values from the university.

“As a graduate of DWU you are called on to create life that matters,” Fr Czuba said.

Margaret Adamson

Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Australian Catholic University, Prof Anne Cummins when delivering the occasional address commended the graduates for their efforts.

She said they were entering a class of the privileged and they must use their knowledge and skills for the good of society. Prof Cummins said they don’t have to think about doing big things but the little things done well count towards the well-being of society.

“You education has come out of a community and continues to link you to that community.

“It invests you with leadership in that community and it engages in an ongoing dialogue of meaning with the members of that community, young and old,” said Prof Cummins.

The dignitaries also paid respect to victims of the Airlines PNG plane crash on October 13, 2011 in Rai Coast in Madang Province and the ferry Rabaul Queen that sank near Finschaffen in Morobe Province in early February, 2012.

Over 800 graduates passed out of the ceremony in Madang, 14 of them with Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees and four with Master of Leadership in Business Administration (MLBA). Sunday’s graduates were part of over 1514 students that obtained DWU qualifications with the balance having graduated at the end of last year from DWU affiliated and amalgamated campuses. Other dignitaries included Madang Regional MP, Sir Arnold Amet, Wewak MP Dr Moses Manwau, Archbishop of Madang Stephen Reichert, members of the public and private sectors and DWU Council members.