Peace and order important, says Abp Young

Remembrance Day should be a time to reflect on the importance of peace and respect for one another in the community, said the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mt Hagen Douglas Young.

The Chairman of the Divine Word University Council said Papua New Guinea has ongoing issues with violence of all forms including violence against women and children and it was events like Remembrance Day that challenges people to live in peace and harmony in the communities.

Abp Young made the remarks as the guest speaker at the Remembrance Day dawn service at the Coast Watchers Memorial Lighthouse at Kalibobo in Madang town on Thursday 23rd July 2015 where about 5000 people including DWU students and staff members attended.

Abp Young said while Remembrance Day was a time to pay homage to those who lost their lives for the country in World War 2, it was also an opportunity to reflect on the need to keep peace and order in the communities that those who died in the war fought for.

He said an occasion like Remembrance Day “is not a time to celebrate war” but to appreciate peace and harmony in the communities of PNG and continue to maintain it.

Fr Peter Hunter of the Anglican Church said “God has given us a beautiful country and need to respect it” by being good stewards.

Fr Hunter urged people to respect one another and look after the environment.

The Remembrance Day commemoration in Madang was organised by the business community lead by the Melanesian Tourist Services (MTS) and the provincial government.

The managing director of MTS Sir Peter Barter thanked the contributors and participants on behalf of the organisers.

“We are very grateful to all the business houses that contributed towards the event,” said Sir Peter who is also a long-serving member of the DWU Council.

“And pleased that we are attracting what appears to be the largest number to the Remembrance Day Services which involved most churches, PNG Maritime College, DWU Students, the Provincial Government and Administration and in particular the volunteers from the Madang Resort who willingly worked without any form of compensation simply to remember all those who have helped make PNG the nation we enjoy today,” Sir Peter said.

Among the DWU students who attended the ceremony was PNG Defence Force soldier and final year Bachelor of Business Management student captain Raymond Pakii who laid a wreath and paid his homage to the fallen on behalf of his comrades in the armed forces.

Master of Public Administration student and Acting Administrator of Southern Highlands Province, Mr Joe Kaiyo also joined his colleague administrator of Madang Mr Daniel Aloi in the occasion.

The business community sponsored a gunfire breakfast on site for about 1000 people which included the invited guests. DWU Chaplain Fr John Ryan said the closing prayer.