Government renews contract

The Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) has renewed its scholarship contract with Divine Word University for the University (DWU) to continue offering two programs for public servants.

Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary of the Department of Personal Management (DPM) Mr John Kali and President of DWU Fr Jan Czuba signed the agreement at the Madang campus on Thursday 16th July 2015.

The signing of the agreement paved the way for the University to enroll the third cohort of public servants for the Master of Public Administration (MPAdmin) and Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) programs.

The signing took place in front of the 17 MPAdmin students who are senior public servants from various departments and agencies and provincial administrations. The MPAdmin students were on campus for the two-week residential component of the first semester of their studies that would take four semesters or two years to complete.

The public servants in the BPA program, who are mostly district-based officers, joined their MPAdmin colleagues this week.

The Government is funding the study at DWU through the Public Sector Workforce Development Program (PSDWP) which has been put in place to train and upskill public servants.

During the presentation, Mr Kali emphasized that PNG needs public servants who have high standards of integrity and were committed to work and move the country forward for it to realize the goals of Vision 2050.

Mr Kali said the public service system often copped criticism for the wrong reasons and this view needs to be changed by upskilling public servants with education and training so they can be ethical and committed to serve the nation.

He said in the formative years of PNG, the government had a strong learning and development program for civil servants but this had died out.

Mr Kali said during the review of the public service it was found that “the public service seemed to lack something”.

He was what missing was staff development that would upskill and motivate them.

Mr Kali said “learning and development has taken second fiddle” and the public service was performing under par.

He challenged the public servants to embrace the study opportunity at DWU and graduate with flying colours in two years to institute positive change in their workplaces.

Mr Kali said the government is serious about improving the public service and the sponsorship of civil servants to study in DWU and other institutions is reflects the commitment.

He said as a result of the commitment of the government, it has increased the scholarship numbers to DWU from the previous two cohorts.

“You are the ones who will deliver,” Mr Kali told the Masters students.

Mr Kali said the government through the DPM was pleased with DWU’s delivery of the programs in the previous two cohorts and decided to renew the contract for the third cohort.

The Secretary commended the Fr Czuba for the foresight in allowing DWU to provide education opportunities for public servants to improve their performances.

Fr Czuba said DWU was committed to serve the country and it was pleased to educate public servants.

He said public servants were the “face” of the country going forward and it needs them.

“You are the public servants who will change this country. Change has to start somewhere,” Fr Czuba said.

He told the public servants that the studies they were enrolled in will prepare them well to deal with the development needs and challenges of PNG going forward.