Business Studies win debate

The Business Studies Department students are the winners of the inter-department debate organised by the 2016 Student Representative Council at the main campus of Divine Word University in Madang.

The inter-department debate is among a number of events including sports organised by the SRC headed by President Jackson Kane Mulupe.

The BS Year Two students beat their colleagues from the Social and Religious Studies Department to become the inaugural winners of the President’s Shield donated by the DWU President Professor Cecilia Nembou.

Prof Nembou was on hand to make the presentation of the Shield after the grand final of the debate on the evening of Friday 3rd June, 2016.

Prof Nembou congratulated the winners and praised Mr Mulupe and his SRC committee for organising the debate.

She said educated and informed debates were important to provide constructive criticism, sound advise and stimulate awareness and proper understanding of issues in the country.

The two teams debated on the topic “Is PNG the Christian country it claims to be?”

The SRS team was for the topic and the BS team opposed it.

Chairman of the Student Representative Council (SRC) Debate Committee Mr Max Manimbi Jr said the debate was organized to encourage students to be critical thinkers and confident communicators.

Manimbi Jr said while it was meant to be fun in nature, it was an academic initiative organized by the 2016 SRC Debate Committee.

He said the SRC’s goal was to engage students to participate meaningfully through such activities.

Catalina Koleala, a Business Studies second year student and member of the winning team said that she participated because it was a great opportunity for her and her team to be exposed to expressing themselves intellectually.

Six teams registered and participated in the debate competition.

The teams were from the departments of PNG Studies and International Relations (PGIR) and Health Management (HM) and Environmental Health (EH) who had one team each while the Social and Religious Studies (SRS) had two.