Public servant wins DWU Alumni of the Year Award

The Director of Human Resource in the Southern Highlands Provincial Administration Mr Andrew Mclymbie Tipi Peke is the winner of the 2016 Divine Word University Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award.

Mr Peke who is Diploma in Human Resource Management graduate from DWU received the Award during the ceremony marking the 20th Foundation Day of the University and Alumni Day at the Madang campus on Sunday 21st August, 2016.

He received the award from long-serving DWU Council member and Madang businessman Sir Peter Barter in the ceremony that commemorates the day the government of Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan announced that the former Divine Word Institute is now a University on 21st August, 1996.

The ceremony was held at the Sir Peter Barter Auditorium of the Madang campus.

As part of the award ceremony, former DWU Council Chairperson and now Associate Professor of Theological Education Research at the University Dr Father Garrett Roche unveiled a brass plaque bearing the name of Mr Peke at Alumni Wall in the Alumnae Park on campus.

Mr Peke is the second alumni member to win the award. The inaugural winner is Mr John Taka who received the award when it was inaugurated in December, 2015.

DWU President Professor Cecilia Nembou congratulated Mr Peke for his achievement and the professional performance that enabled him to win the award.

Prof Nembou the University is proud to see its graduates go out into the professional field and wider community and make meaningful contributions for the betterment of society.

She said it was fitting for the alumni member to be award for his achievement on a special day when the DWU Community marks the Foundation of the university.

Professor Nembou thus acknowledged and commended the founders of the university especially two Catholic congregations, the Divine Word Missionaries and the Holy Spirit Sisters. Members of the two congregations were also present to witness the ceremony.

Prof Nembou also acknowledged and paid tribute the founding DWU President Fr Czuba SVD (1995-2015) whom she replaced at the beginning of the 2016 academic year.

Mr Peke was recognised by DWU for his work in revolutionizing the human resource branch of Southern Highlands and putting an end to the corrupt culture of “ghost names” and double-dipping in the government payroll system of the province.

“Apart from fixing payroll corruption issues, Andrew (Mr Peke) was instrumental in addressing the chronic absenteeism of public servants floating around and collecting pay for doing nothing,” read the citation for the award.

“He modernized the division, and instituted a number of initiatives. One notable initiative was the design of a new organizational structure, and the hand punch system.

“He introduced a time management system to manage time and attendance in the Southern Highlands Administration. Andrew is regarded as one of the very few public servants, who brought stability to the once chaotic Southern Provincial Administration, and restored the meaning and mandate of public service machinery and service delivery.”

“Andrew’s achievements have been such that he was awarded the Queen’s Meritorious Public Service Medal as part of the Queen’s list of 2016 New Year award recipients. Sir Michael Ogio, Governor General of PNG, officially presented the Meritorious Public Service award to Andrew in a ceremony conducted on 28th April this year,” stated the citation of the award.

Mr Peke is a graduate of the Diploma in Human Resource Management program from DWU through the popular flexible learning mode. Mr Peke said he had previously worked in various sectors or over 16 years before joining the SHP Administration.

Mr Peke from Tambul in Western Highlands thanked the DWU for the award and said there were many people who assisted him to do his work. He said his colleagues at the workplace and many others including the education he received from DWU were instrumental in assisting him to address the human resource problems the SHP administration.

The DWU Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award is given to former DWU students who have attained extraordinary distinction in their chosen professional fields, in service to society, or by support to Divine Word University and serve as an example to all members of the DWU Community. This Award bestows recognition and appreciation on individuals, honors the legacy of the University, and instills pride in the DWU Community at large.

The Distinguished Alumni Award was introduced in 2015 to acknowledge outstanding career success of past students. The Award reflects loyalty, dedication and distinguished service. This is the highest honor bestowed upon alumnae by the DWU Community.