Veteran journo and blogger win DWU award

A veteran pioneer journalist and a blogger are the winners of the 2016 Divine Word University Media Excellence Award.

 Biga Isaya Lebasi from Milne Bay Province won the award in the print journalism category and renowned blogger Martyn Namorong from Western Province who runs the widely quoted Namorong Report blog site won in the online journalism category.

Long-serving DWU Council member and Madang tourism promoter Sir Peter Barter presented the award to the two winners during the commemoration of the 20th DWU Foundation Day and Alumni Day at the Madang campus on Sunday 21st August, 2016.

The award ceremony took place just before the presentation of the DWU Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award which was won by Andrew Mclymbie Tipi Peke, who is the director for human resource director in the Southern Highlands provincial administration.

President of DWU Professor Cecilia Nembou congratulated Mr Lebasi and Mr Namorong for their outstanding professional contributions in journalism and media for the development of Papua New Guinea.

Mr Lebasi was recognised for his pioneering work in the media where he had a long and interesting career in journalism and is an inspiration to others.

He joined the South Pacific Post (that later became the Post-Courier) in 1964 and was a founder of Air Niugini’s in-flight magazine Paradise. He has had stints with the Prime Minister’s Department and was one of the first to join The National in 1993. He was the Editor of the now-defunct Niugini Nius and was famous for his ‘Lebasi at Large’ newspaper column.

Mr Lebasi is considered to be a legend in the field of journalism in PNG and has many admirers to this day. Through his work, he has helped provide a voice for the people of PNG and has addressed numerous issues that affect this nation and its citizens.

In light of Mr Lebasi’s contribution and services to PNG in the field of print journalism, Divine Word University is proud to honour him with its 2016 Media Excellence Award.

Mr Namorong, 30, was awarded for his internationally recognized and widely quoted work on his blog site.

He is an internationally recognised Papua New Guinean award-winning writer and blogger who hails from Western Province. His blog - the Namorong Report - has been archived by the Australian National Library.

In 2013, the Auckland University of Technology accepted an entire master’s thesis about Martyn Namorong’s blog site.

The thesis was titled: Blogging for social change in Papua New Guinea: A case study investigation of The Namorong Report, and was written by Dev Capey.

 Martyn is a civil society leader, political activist and PNG’s most prolific and internationally quoted blogger. He is the Winner of two major National Awards for Writing and Journalism.

In 2011, he won the Crocodile Prize for Best Essay and in 2012, won the Excellence in Anti-Corruption Reporting Award. As a blogger, Martyn loves telling stories that strike a chord with average people. His understanding of organisations, people, and the power relations that define everyday interactions make him a leading writer and social commentator in PNG.

For his outstanding work in online journalism through his Namorong Report website, Divine Word University is proud to honour Martyn Namorongwith its 2016 Media Excellence Award.

Both Mr Lebasi and Mr Namorong thanked the University for recognizing their work with the award. In his speech Mr Lebasi expressed concern about the growth in corruption and mismanagement in PNG over the years while Mr Namorong queried the impact of the new draft Cyber communication law that the government was pushing. Both men also commended DWU for its growth and development.