Opportunities for DWU in the Third Decade

Divine Word University (DWU) has opportunities before it to use and move forward into its third decade of operation as a University (2016-2026) and mitigate the
challenges that have confronted the higher education sector in Papua New Guinea in recent times.

President of DWU Professor Cecilia Nembou said the university has the ability to make use of the opportunities and forge ahead. Professor Nembou was speaking at the launch of the 2017 academic year for the University at the St John Paul II Community Hall at the main campus in Madang on Friday 10th February.

The President said some of the opportunities DWU has to move ahead include:

  • DWU’s focus on core values and Catholic ethos builds the human person to persevere with a mission and not to give up in the face of adversaries;
  • Provision of technology enhanced learning opportunities is a proven success strategy in which DWU engages in its core function of education to generate funds to complement the central financial resource base;
  • The provision of more short courses through Diwai Enterprises (Diwai Pacific) would enhance DWU’s reputation while contributing to the financial resource base;
  • With improved leadership, management and resource capacity at the other campuses, all the programs on offer at the main campus in Madang can be offered at those campuses;
  • International partnerships for research experience through collaboration would enhance the capacity of academic staff to conduct research;
  • Making DWU programs attractive to international students is a great opportunity to enhance the reputation of the University; and
  • National partnerships and alliances is an untapped opportunity which is impeded sometimes by socio-cultural lack of understanding. Promotion of the DWU mandate and encouraging inter- personal dialogue can break down barriers build generate goodwill and fruitful collaborations.

Prof Nembou said: “DWU’s vision for the third decade is to be recognised nationally and internationally by its value-based innovative application of technology to enhance learning and teaching, and to give the opportunities of higher education to as many learners as possible.

“Guided by its Charter, DWU renews the commitment to serve society through quality of research, learning and teaching, and community engagement in a Christian environment.

“In the third decade DWU staff and students will generate the capacity to contribute meaningfully through collaborative knowledge creation by research with national and international partners.

She said “Research will influence and guide learning and teaching in a genuine scholarly relationship. DWU will continue to enhance its research capacity, expand postgraduate program offerings and innovate in its pedagogical approaches to make DWU programs highly attractive to current and potential students, not only in Papua New Guinea but at any place in the world,” said Prof Nembou.