DWU enables lifelong success

Studying in Divine Word University provides one of the best opportunities for life-long success especially in an increasingly technology driven society.

President of DWU Professor Cecilia Nembou made this remark as she commended the university students and staff plus partners of the academic faculties and departments for a successful “Open Day” last Sunday 7th May, 2017.

Addressing the awards ceremony at the SVD Memorial Auditorium later that afternoon, Prof Nembou said the Open Day was an important calendar event in which the University opens its doors to the public.

Prof Nembou said the day “serves also as an introduction and a welcome to all who are interested in pursuing higher education in a technologically driven and supporting learning environment based on Catholic principles and preparing both young and mature aged students to serve with integrity and commitment after they graduate from DWU.

Prof Nembou commended parents and teachers from secondary and primary schools for bringing their students to the Open Day to gather information about the academic programs so they could plan for further study options when in Grade 12.

“I hope that you have been inspired and excited by this event, and I trust that what you have experienced here today will make it clear that studying at DWU will give you the best chance of life-long success,” Prof Nembou said.

“I hope too that students, teachers, parents and stakeholders have had the opportunity today to participate in a wide range of activities and that they have accessed comprehensive information about DWU.”

The President pointed out that “all of our academic offerings are rigorous, of high-quality and lead to fulfilling careers.  

“Embedded in all programs are graduate attributes and DWU core values of integrity, academic excellence, community engagement, respect, diversity, hospitality, learning for life, and social responsibility,” she added.

The Open Day was staged under this year’s academic theme “advancing quality collaborative e-learning accessible to all learners”.

Ms Alcinda Trawen, the Tourism Promotion Authority director for policy and planning was the guest of honour.

Ms Trawen encouraged DWU students to make the most of the e-Learning opportunities available and urged them to consider their roles in bridging the digital divide in PNG.

The Faculty of Business and Informatics was voted winner of the faculty displays for articulating well the theme and purpose of the event.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was the runner-up followed by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (third) and Faculty of Education (Fourth). Awards for the inter-college European Union Cup soccer competition and Unity Rugby League pre-Season Nines Challenge were also presented. Prof Nembou said sports and leisure activities were also important part of the academic and social fabric of the DWU Community.

“Leisure and social activities are an important part of the DWU experience.

“This (Sunday 7th of May, 2017) afternoon we will witness the award ceremony in which we will join together to congratulate the winning teams in soccer and rugby league.”

“On Friday (5th of May, 2017) evening I witnessed the award ceremony of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management staff and students receiving certificates of attainment in International Tae Kwan Do martial arts,” said Prof Nembou.