Fashion designer and musician support alumni fundraiser

Two Divine Word University graduates Natasha Tamanabae and Stanley Mark assisted the recent alumni fundraising dinner in Madang through their respect passions, fashion design and music.

Ms Tamanabae, who is known for the Baiwai line of designs from her Oro heritage, showcased her most recent product line labeled ‘Sirora’ meaning bush fern on the night at the Madang Resort Hotel.

Ms Tamanabae graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (PNG Studies) in 2013 and pursued her interest in fashion designing hence making her name in the blossoming industry in the country.

Some of her products including shoes and dresses were auctioned and the money went towards the fundraising cause.

Her models for the night include two who accompanied her from Port Moresby, current students in DWU and even three of our own alumni staff members of the University.

Alumnus Mark, who is member of the Port Moresby based band Blat Faya, entertained the dinners with music from their recent album ‘Reality’.

The group Blat Faya was formed in 2008 when Mark was studying Communication Arts (Journalism) in DWU along with his colleague band member John Dobunaba who studied business.

Their first concert was held at the SVD Auditorium in the Madang Campus in 2009.

The pair continued with the music after graduation. Mark and Dobunaba went on to enter the Digicel Stars, Vocal Fusion, Pom Karaoke Idol and Ice PNG Idol competitions in 2015 apart from performing gigs in the city.