PhD candidates present pre-completion seminars

Two Doctor of Philosophy candidates in Divine Word University presented their pre-completion seminars at the Madang campus recently.

The PhD students are Reverend Jack Kalu Urame, the Head Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea and Mr Kevin Pamba, a staff of DWU.

Rev Urame’s study based in Simbu Province “examines the influence of money in society and how it affects people, cultures, values and traditions.”

“The study explores the social and economic role of money and the dominant role money plays in society and how it motivates thought patterns, promotes new social behaviour and reshapes society.”

Mr Pamba’s research is based in the Hela Province and “explores the nature of communication between three specific stakeholders, namely the landowners, State and the company (developer) in the Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Project (PNG LNG) in Hela Province”.

“This was to understand why the landowner spokespeople have been constantly raising their concerns about the project in the mass media and other forums.”

Both candidates have since passed their pre-completion seminars and are now completing their respective theses in collaboration with their supervisors before they (theses) are sent off to external examiners for marking.

Rev Urame and Mr Pamba undertook their respective PhD studies as part-time students through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in DWU several years ago.

In addition to Rev Urame and Mr Pamba, there are seven other PhD candidates enrolled in the doctoral program in DWU. Six of them are enrolled in the part-time mode while one is a full-time student.

Since DWU launched the PhD program over a decade ago, five people (two women and three men) have graduated with their doctoral degrees.