Alumni and MP warns of poor role modeling

Member of Parliament for Madang and alumni of Divine Word University Mr Bryan Kramer has said that Papua New Guinea faces a crisis of bad role modeling by adults to the young generation and this must change.

Speaking at the Divine Word University annual Cultural Day at the Madang Campus on Saturday 19th August, 2017, Mr Kramer said the gap between the growing number of poor role models of today and the good role models of the past is widening.

Mr Kramer said the situation can change with institutions like DWU helping to shape ethical and honest professionals to enter the workforce and assuming leadership roles.

The first-time MP elected in the just concluded national election said in his work as an anti-corruption advocate through social media, he was alarmed by the extent of corruption in the country.

Mr Kramer, who is a Bachelor of Business-Accountancy graduate of DWU paid tribute to his former university for teaching religious education and ethics as a core subject that has shaped the character of DWU graduates over the years.

He said his DWU education (at the matriculation, diploma and degree levels) shaped his worldview and gave him the moral compass to understand issues such as corruption facing PNG today.

“The education I received in DWU certainly played a part in shaping my worldview on issues such as corruption,” said Mr Kramer.

Mr Kramer said there are many highly principled and hardworking DWU graduates quietly doing great things around the country and credited the Catholic university for molding them.

He paid tribute to the Catholic religious especially the Divine Word Missionaries and Holy Spirit Sisters who founded the University, the lay missionaries, volunteers and other staff for molding young people to be better citizens over the years.

The anti-corruption advocate- turned-MP is the grandson of German Catholic missionary workers who settled at the Alexishafen (a German name) mission station along the North Coast Road of Madang just before World War II.

Meanwhile, Mr Kramer said he would like to work with DWU to assist young people coming through the education system become good role models for future generations.