SRS Year 2 students in the final of SRC “Voice your opinion” debate

SRS 2 winning team final



On Friday June 3, the team of three: Imma Leme, Marilyn Samuel and Koni Poiye from Social and Religious Studies Department (SRS), Year 2 will compete with the team from Business Studies (BS) Year 2 team in final debate organized by Student Representative Council (SRC).

The title of this year debate is: “Is PNG the Christian country it claims to be?”
The SRS department had two teams in the initial stages competing with other department in the SRC sanctioned debate in its brand name “Voice your opinion”. There were six teams in total; three from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), two teams Faculty of Business and Informatics and one team from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Unfortunately other two FASS teams fell out in the first part of the debate and four teams advanced. Two finalists made it through while two dropped on not gaining enough scores. The finalists are SRS2 and BS2 and their final show down is this Friday June 3.
Congratulations to SRS2 team for making it through the finals – the whole Faculty supports your effort and wish you winning of the DWU President Shield.