OLSH Kabaleo

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Teachers College (OLSHTC) Kabaleo is situated near the township of Kokopo in East New Britain Province (ENBP). Kabaleo was established in 1966 as a female teachers' college by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH). The initial purpose of this training college was to provide teachers for the under-staffed Catholic schools on the outstations of the Archdiocese of Rabaul. From 1966, OLSHTC Kabaleo continued to provide women with teacher education until 1994. In September 1994, Mt Tavurvur and Vulcan volcanoes erupted and this natural disaster destroyed the township of Rabaul and changed the entire province. The destruction caused a lot of schools and communities to migrate to better and safer locations. Two such institutions that migrated were: St Mary's Secondary School Vuvu and St Paul's Teachers' College Vunakanau. St Mary's Vuvu migrated to Vunakanau and the student teachers of St Paul's Teachers' College moved to OLSH Kabaleo and so in 1995 OLSHTC Kabaleo became a co-educational institution.