Iwona Kolodziejczyk (FASS Research Coordinator)


  • Senior Lecturer
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Science Research Coordinator
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tel: (+675) 424 1882
  • EXT: 882



Qualifications: PhD (DWU), MEdl (DWU), Bachelor of Theology and Pedagogy (Archdiocesan Theological College, Poland)

Dr Iwona Kolodziejczyk is a Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Iwona commenced her teaching career in 1993 as a primary and secondary school teacher in Poland. Since 2000 she has been pursuing her engagement in education at secondary and university levels in Papua New Guinea. With the background in theology and pedagogy she then extended her professional interests to educational leadership and gender issues in Information Systems.

In addition to teaching in FASS programs and research methods at Master’s level, Iwona is coordinating research activities at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. She is also actively involved in functions of DWU Quality Assurance Committee. Iwona has a wider range of research interests: from higher education, especially in the postcolonial context, to Information Communication Technology in educational and social contexts, and gender issues. She presented research papers on ICT and gender issues in PNG higher education at international conferences in Australia, Japan and in Europe.