Professor Francis Hombhanje


Professor Francis Hombhanje
Vice President - DWU Rabaul campus
Tel: (675) 422 2937
Fax: 422 2812



Nationality Papua New Guinea
Professional Development MD University of Papua New Guinea (2003)
MBBS University of Papua New Guinea (1980)
MSc University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom (1986)
Country Experience United Kingdom, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Singapore
Languages Pidgin (native), English (fluent)


1.MSc thesis: A Study of Drug Effects on Acetylator Phenotype in Man, submitted to University of Aberdeen, UK (1986)
2. MD thesis: Pharmacological and Parasitological Evaluation of Halofantrine in Papua New Guinea, submitted to the University of Papua New Guinea (2003)

Research Interest

Over 20 years of field, laboratory, and clinical research in malaria focusing on (though not exclusive):
1. Clinical trials and drug intervention research
2. Pharmacokinetics of antimalarial drugs
3. Malaria epidemiology and epidemiology of drug resistance
4. Genetics of malaria parasite resistance
5. Pharmacogenetics

Recent publications

(as co-author) – More than 30 publications (

  1. Frequency of the functionally relevant aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor (AhRR) por185Ala SNP in Papua New Guinea. Drug Metab Pharmacokinet, 28(6):519-521
    Authors: Cavaco I, Hombhanje FW, Gil JP, Kaneko A (2013).
  2. A comprehensive survey of polymorphism conferring antimalarial resistance Plasmodium falciaprum across Pakistan. Malaria J, 12(1):300-3009. 
    Authors: Khattak A, Venkatesan M, Jacob CG, Artimovich E, Nadeem MF, Nighat F, Hombhanje F, Mita T, Malik SA, Plowe CV (2013).
  3. Large scale survey for novel genotypes of Plasmodium falciaprum chloroquine-resistance gene pfcrt. Malaria J, 11(1):92-100
    Authors: Takahashi N, Tanabe K, Tsukahara T, Dzodzomenyo M, Dysoley L, Khamlomes, Sattabongkot J, Nakamura M, Sakurai M, Kobayashi J, Kaneko A, Endo H, Hombhanje F, Tsuboi T Mita T (2012)
  4. Artemisinin-naphthoquine combination therapy for uncomplicated paediatric malaria: a pharmacokinetic study. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 56 (5):2472-2484.
    Authors: Batty KT, Salman S, Moore BR, Benjamin J, Lee ST, Page-Sharp M, Pitus N, Ilett KF, Mueller I, Hombhanje FW, Siba, Davis TME (2012).